Calendar Fever 

Here at The Dregs, we consider ourselves to be helpers. We know how much you love the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and how you feel connected to the acts out there. We’re happy to announce we posed for the 2015 calendar, so you should ORDER ONE TODAY. Sales of the calendars will continue until December, so you have time! I have no idea what our picture looks like. All I remember is that there is an accordion in it. We apologize in advance. The proceeds go to benefit the Olsen family, and if you’re plugged in to dem facebooks, you can […]

Battle of the Bands 2014 

Alright, before we begin WHO CHOSE THE NAKEY MAN PHOTO TO REPRESENT AN EPIC SMACK DOWN? Chad called it ‘homoerotic’. I called it ‘what the actual frack’. Freud calls it ‘Tim Wick dealing with some nakey man issues…’ Wait.. it’s a battle, and we’re doing a battle, except with Four Pints Shy, you would see way more hair. Despite the circle of dong (which we’re not going to recreate), this weekend promises to be epic. with games and songs and beating up on Trevor. I can’t wait! We’re also going to sneak a couple new things into your favorite not-Renaissancy […]

MRF, weekend four 

Okay, so we here at The Dregs occasionally write some original music. Sometimes it’s an outlet for real life, other times it… based on a Syfy made for TV movie. Enter ‘Sharknado’, stage left. Yeah, it’s a movie about sharks in a tornado. How could Tim and Geoffrey resist? The answer is NOT WELL. So they wrote the song, with the rest of the band adding their flavor to it and you get this beautiful masterpiece of theater and ridiculousness:   I cannot get it to center, so just buck up and look at my ugly, badly laid out page, […]

weekend one review 

OMG. Humidity. If this past weekend could be summed up in one word, I think that word would have to be ‘moist’. There was at least one point during the day where I could not play my violin. It was literally tacky. I did not get any photos because I was afraid to take out any electronics for fear of their little circuty lives being destroyed, forever. So the only photo from this weekend was one my stepmom Jamie took:   It then rained so hard, there was a flood. If I were Siskel and Ebert, I would give the weather a decidedly fierce […]

The Dregs Renaissance Show – A Primer 

If you have never been to a Dregs show before, it may be a bit confusing your first time. There most likely will be some chaos, loudness, and maybe some humor. Let me help you understand what we like to call… ‘entertainment’.   First off, we have fans, and they RULE. Because they are Dregs Groupies, we call them ‘Droopies’. Totally makes sense, like Tim says. They like to pay us for songs. Our going rate is $5 a song. That is almost a dollar per person in the band, so you’re getting a deal! Our tagline line is, “for […]

Memes Save The Day Again! 

Welcome to my ‘Blog of No Ideas‘, kiddies! It’s a magical time when I grasp at straws and end up with nonsense! (…click the sound below for full effect)     To celebrate my lack of ideas, here are some memes I made especially just for yous guys.             They’re funny cuz we’re hacks! And I used to have a career in opera. I sunk 30K into my undergrad vocal degree. Oh god.    

Special Dreg Moments; Brought to you by Derp 

We like to consider ourselves professionals in The Dregs. We play instruments (and the accordion), sing (about carrots and zombies), and have high caliber shows (if we can begin on time… or remember the key signature… or who starts the bloody song). So maybe ‘professionals’ was the wrong word to use. It does seem as though we’re a bunch of hacks that somehow manage to see a song to its end, and the amazing thing is not necessarily our talent, but that we can pull it off convincingly. But we’re YOUR hacks Droopies <3. And we love what we do, […]

6 Proven Ways That MRF Rules 

We here at the Dregs are trying to bolster up our clicks on our blog, and we heard clickbait WORKS, so like they say, you’ll never believe these crazy ways our Fest rules! 6. The Food, Even Though It’s Meaty If you like meat, man oh man is this a glutton smorgasbord for YOU. As the token vegetarian, I’ll be over by the pickles if you need me. 5. The Scenery, Because Damn *cues clarinets and flutes* “Little town, it’s a peaceful village. Every day, like the one before. Little town, full of nerdy people, waking up to saaaaaay… HUZZAH!” 4. Speaking […]


Are you a nerd? Do you do nerd stuff? Did you go to CONvergence and now you’re going through withdrawals? Did you NOT get to go due to budget constraints and wish now you had gone?  BOY I HAVE AN OFFER FOR YOU!!! Tomorrow The Dregs are doing our Do No HARM CONcert! At the Double Tree in Bloomington! $15! WHAT A DEAL! Wear costumes! Fraternize with other nerds! Or don’t because you’re socially awkward! Who cares, this is for funzies! There will be Bad September opening for us, along with the comedy stylings of Patrick Bauer, and then hours […]

Old Skool 

Today is Throwback Thursday, AND the start of thee nerdiest convention this side of the cornfields; CONvergence. So a little trip down dork memory lane seemed apropos.     The Dregs also did a panel in 2010, my first year as Baby Dreg. It was for a panel bright and early after a night of partying with the Dregs getting shitfaced down with our bad selves. The panel was called Iron Artist, and we made up a song in an HOUR based on the Dr Who series in the style of The Monkies called ‘David Tennant’. You can listen to […]