The Dregs have been performing “music” and “comedy” for over fifteen years. After all those years of performing, their fans number in the dozens. On a good day. Their goal is to inject a little bit of comedy into all their music and a little bit of music into their comedy. It has been said that they know the first verse to every song ever written. That may not be true but the odds are good that they can make it up. They also sing more songs about zombies than any other band they know.

The band is currently comprised of Susanne Becker, Trevor Hartman, Molly Zupon, Paul Score, Rian Vellichor, and Tim Wick. Of that number, only one is an accordion player. All attempts to reduce that number have failed but they continue to be optimistic about their chances.

If you like silly musicalness or musical silliness, The Dregs are probably the band for you. They aren’t afraid to butcher a song in the name of comedy!

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