MRF, weekend four

Okay, so we here at The Dregs occasionally write some original music. Sometimes it’s an outlet for real life, other times it… based on a Syfy made for TV movie. Enter ‘Sharknado’, stage left.

uh yikes
uh yikes

Yeah, it’s a movie about sharks in a tornado. How could Tim and Geoffrey resist? The answer is NOT WELL. So they wrote the song, with the rest of the band adding their flavor to it and you get this beautiful masterpiece of theater and ridiculousness:


I cannot get it to center, so just buck up and look at my ugly, badly laid out page, Droopies. Tech savvy I am not! A huuuuuuuge Dreggy thank you to Margaret Kampschoer for giving me the ok to use her FANTASTIC video. Seriously, you rule.

If you haven’t seen us out at MRF, you can plainly see what you’re missing. This weekend we’ll have Rachael back too! Huzzah! Come join us for some … ‘quality’ time.