Here is some free stuff for you, our dear fans.

dune parody image


Tim and Chad created this hilariously awful song for a Swede/Parody of David Lynch’s Dune. You can watch the full length Swede by following this link.  You can download the horrible song for free!




Click here to download the tune!


Click here to download the tune.

This is a rehearsal recording of a new song we’re working on!

Patchouli’s not a Substitute for a Bath

Click here to download.

Tim and Geoffrey were asked to write a folk song for the January Vilification Tennis show.  They came up with this tune that is speaks to some very deep issues those of us who work at the Renaissance festival posses.

 Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome Theme

Click here to download.

Our friends Windy and Melissa were starting up a podcast called Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome. and asked for a theme song.  Tim, Geoffrey and Chad whipped this up and it is available for your ring tone pleasure.  That’s Windy on vocals.

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    1. The entirety of Angelina’s Farewell Concert was free for download once upon a time. I wish I could find it again, because I might have deleted or lost every copy I had (computers and MP3 players).

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