Old Skool

Today is Throwback Thursday, AND the start of thee nerdiest convention this side of the cornfields; CONvergence. So a little trip down dork memory lane seemed apropos.

CON 2013; aka can't find anything from 2012 or 2011
CON 2013; not that throwback after all


straight up old; mamma's first CON with the Dregs
Mama’s first CON performing with the Dregs circa 2010


The Dregs also did a panel in 2010, my first year as Baby Dreg. It was for a panel bright and early after a night of partying with the Dregs getting shitfaced down with our bad selves. The panel was called Iron Artist, and we made up a song in an HOUR based on the Dr Who series in the style of The Monkies called ‘David Tennant’.

there is a lot going on in this photo
there is a lot going on in this photo

You can listen to our rendition HERE! <—– click it before you… mix it? Uh. Nicks it? Um. Rhyming is hard. Below are a couple of our favorite clips from the ‘behind the scenes’ we prefilmed for the song writing challenge. Please forgive the quality; WordPress is a beyotch.


 I have wood for sheep. Waaaaaait….

Call for the latest what?! Now I’ll never know!!!

 See! Told you rhyming is hard!

Well, the reason I bring this all up is because we are NOT performing at CONvergence this year. I KNOW! Big alligator tears. The hotel is remolding and there was just too much bleed in when they stuck us in panel rooms, so it’s understandable. BUT, downtrodden droopies, fear not! There is a performance the weekend after AT THAT VERY HOTEL that you can come to for the mere low price of $15!


That’s right! This post is a clever ruse meant to get you to come to our show! Ha ha! I have pulled the proverbial wool over your eyes and you never saw it coming! Tee hee! Ha! Hoo hoo!

No seriously, we need an audience. Please click here to purchase a couple tickets. Kthxbai.