Battle of the Bands 2014

Alright, before we begin WHO CHOSE THE NAKEY MAN PHOTO TO REPRESENT AN EPIC SMACK DOWN? Chad called it ‘homoerotic’. I called it ‘what the actual frack’. Freud calls it ‘Tim Wick dealing with some nakey man issues…’ Wait.. it’s a battle, and we’re doing a battle, except with Four Pints Shy, you would see way more hair.

there I fixed it
there I fixed it

Despite the circle of dong (which we’re not going to recreate), this weekend promises to be epic. with games and songs and beating up on Trevor. I can’t wait!

We’re also going to sneak a couple new things into your favorite not-Renaissancy song, Wagon Wheel. Maybe you should play ‘Wagon Wheel Bingo’ with this list of songs and see how many we end up sticking into the rectum of that song. There is your homoerotocism.

As the terribly chosen picture says, it’s this Saturday, from 1:30-3:00 at Folkstone*.

*Circle not included. No homo.

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