I have no idea what I am doing

Last week of semester and I am a derp. So here is my horrible entry today. Enjoy?     And here is an obligatory internet kitten:

<3 Suze

You know, us here in The Dregs enjoy a certain level of fun-making. And by level, we mean HUGE EXTREME and by fun-making we mean BEATING THE EVER-LIVING SHITE OUT OF IT. I’ve had fans ask me before a show starts who are we going to ‘get’. Turns out, it’s a free for all! Hooray […]

cutting corners

Okay, here is the part where I usually have a witty friggin Dregs entry defending my obscene habits, convincing you to come to a show, or share a story we’ve alluded to onstage. NONE OF THAT TODAY. I just started grad school, and I was there all damn day yesterday, plus I’m working on another […]

My dirty secret; Mascara Anonymous

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to make up. And not just any- specifically mascara. Okay, here’s how it went down. My mother started putting make up on me when I was about six for fancy family photos. Not even kidding. It was usually blush, lip gloss, … and my old dear […]

Tim and Marc, sitting in a tree….

You know how the rest of that nursery rhyme goes. But do we really know how it started? How did my boyfriend and bandmate begin their bromance? I am unsure, but lets retrace some of the clues I’ve gathered and see if we can make sense from all of this. The Dregs take part in […]

Wait For It

Hello again Droopies. I warned you that I was inspired from my last post for another blog entirely. Well here it is. My last name was altered from Zupan to Zupon by my grandfather who was tired of the mispronunciation of the long ‘a’. Zupan can be traced back to Slovenia. You can check out […]

Six People to Avoid When Forming a Band

Social media is the best. I get exposed to all kinds of things (sometimes literally) that I otherwise would not have stumbled upon. Take for instance this article by Drew Ailes from St. Louis’ own Riverfront Times. It’s about the six people to avoid… when forming a band. Ahh, six members in this band. Six […]

all that glitters is not gold- it’s Dregs?

Let the count down begin until the NYE Four Pints Shy and Dregs show! It will be held at Pepitos Parkway Theater, and we’re super excited! Well I don’ know about the rest of those bitches, but I am! I love NYE because it’s the best reason to break out all of the GLITTER!! And […]

¡Infeliz Navidad!

Molly here. It is a Dregs tradition to sing Feliz Navidad and screw with the lead. I inherited the song from Angelina, and since then I’ve had the following happen to me: Had the boys fondle me Been toilet papered Tim’s junk near me (ew) Underwear and a camel puppet up in my mix Been […]