cutting corners

Okay, here is the part where I usually have a witty friggin Dregs entry defending my obscene habits, convincing you to come to a show, or share a story we’ve alluded to onstage.

NONE OF THAT TODAY. I just started grad school, and I was there all damn day yesterday, plus I’m working on another show at the moment and I started this project that I needed to finish.

adulthood: do not want
adulthood: do not want

So that’s what I’m going to post about. You lucky, lucky people, you.

The assignment parameters were to show events, institutions, and people who influenced your education both good and bad over the years. The idea was to present it creatively, so I decided to put together a photo video, which for an editing derp like me, this was no small task.

The song choice is actually important as well; RENT was the first professional show I ever saw, and if you had told me that eight years later I would have been performing on that same stage, I might have fainted.

I peed in the same backstage pottys as the cast of RENT did, squee
I peed in the same backstage potty as the cast of RENT did, squee!

I make no bones about the fact that music saved my life. So in the last few years when I was going through some major troubles, being on stage was that much more important to me. That’s right. This goofy, ridiculous, irritating, loveable band carried me through some huge life changes.

eff you guys... JK LOL
eff this weird band… JK LOL

It’s also important for me to thank our fans, for giving me a reason to get up and perform. Without your cheers, recognition, and admiration, life would be a very dark place indeed. So here’s to the future. May it continue to shine brightly.

Molly’s Assignment Video On YouTube