no likey the tap

So Tim posted this blog about yours truly EFFING TAP DANCING while I play a violin solo. I made the mistake of casually mentioning it at a dinner last Saturday. Now he’s made it a thing. GOD. DAMMIT. TIM. WICK.

Ima say this. I tapped for one production of Anything Goes back in college in 2001 when I got cast as a lead. I have not studied tap. I don’t even own tap shoes (anymore). I thought about practicing in case anyone actually takes Tim up on this ridiculous request, so I found this page that has home made tap shoes.

crafty and weird!
crafty and weird!

But I’m not going to do that! Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do a good job. The video to Singing in the Rain that Tim linked to? THEY AREN’T EVEN PLAYING THE VIOLIN. IT’S AS DUBBED IN AS MILLI VANILLI, OKAY!!!?!

So here is a collage about my feelings about this endeavor.

collage 1

I won’t even explain my art. I’ll leave it up to interpretation.

*Grumbles* This is going to happen, isn’t it? Auuuuuuuuugh. Well, come to our show on Saturday, where I attempt to kick Tim in the nads with tap shoes.


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Author: Molly

Molly has been hogging the spotlight since she first started playing the violin in 1988. She soon realized a life of performance and poverty is more exciting than earning a sustainable living, so she double majored in music and theater. After years of romping around at reputable places in the Twin Cities including The Minnesota Opera Chorus, Bloomington Civic Theater, and The Jungle Theater, Molly lowered her standards and gave The Dregs a try in 2010 and finally made this 'Irish' band legit with a fiddle player. Molly is going to graduate school for her masters in education to hopefully learn how she went so very wrong.

1 thought on “no likey the tap

  1. gabriel says:

    If i wasn’t already going, i’d go and pay extra to see you kick him in the nards with tap shoes. Not because i don’t like Tim. But because, you know, comedy. 😉 See you guys on Sat.


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