St. Paddy’s Day is Over – What’s Next?

dregs irish flagActually it is the day after St. Patrick’s day.  We had a great holiday with a fantastic show on Saturday night with new and old fans and a performance at the Irish Festival of Music and Dance in downtown St. Paul on Monday.  I always feel like we should do more on St. Patrick’s day but we feel a little bit out of place in a bar.  We’ve never felt like our band works particularly well when we are mostly background music.

I guess we like the attention.

Our next performance is going to be at the Fearless Comedy Fundraiser, Die Laughing.  The event is pretty crazy.  50 hours of straight comedy and we, The Dregs, will be bringing up the rear.  We’ll be performing at 6:00 PM on Sunday the 6th.


Admission is pay what you can and all donations go straight to Fearless Comedy to fund their new season.  The goal is to raise $5000 over the weekend and we’re going to do our best to help.  Here’s our plan:

We will perform 12 songs in our hour long set.  As with any Dregs show, request are $5.00.  However, you can outbid someone if you want to hear a different song more.  That may not be so urgent when it is the first song but what about when it’s the fifth?  The tenth?

We hope you’ll get into the spirit of things and come bid for Dregs music and Fearless Comedy.  Even if you aren’t interested in bidding for a song, come out and watch us perform.  Right now, that is the last show on our schedule until June.

Die Laughing will be taking place at the Airport Hilton in Bloomington.  Even if you can’t make the whole weekend, join us on the 6th!

If you can make more, Geoffrey and I will be doing a set as the Citizens’ Band on Friday from 7:00 – 8:00 PM.  You don’t have to spend anything to support fearless if all you’d like to do is hear us play.  We’re OK with that!

And now, a rehearsal recording of a new song brought to us from Kevin Murphy, of MST3K fame (the voice of Tom Servo himself).  Kevin enjoys our music and is a writer himself.  He asked us if we’d like to learn this song and we felt it was exactly the kind of music we like to play.  As with all rehearsal recordings, we make no promises as to the quality of the recording but we hope you enjoy the song!