no likey the tap

So Tim posted this blog about yours truly EFFING TAP DANCING while I play a violin solo. I made the mistake of casually mentioning it at a dinner last Saturday. Now he’s made it a thing. GOD. DAMMIT. TIM. WICK.

Ima say this. I tapped for one production of Anything Goes back in college in 2001 when I got cast as a lead. I have not studied tap. I don’t even own tap shoes (anymore). I thought about practicing in case anyone actually takes Tim up on this ridiculous request, so I found this page that has home made tap shoes.

crafty and weird!
crafty and weird!

But I’m not going to do that! Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do a good job. The video to Singing in the Rain that Tim linked to? THEY AREN’T EVEN PLAYING THE VIOLIN. IT’S AS DUBBED IN AS MILLI VANILLI, OKAY!!!?!

So here is a collage about my feelings about this endeavor.

collage 1

I won’t even explain my art. I’ll leave it up to interpretation.

*Grumbles* This is going to happen, isn’t it? Auuuuuuuuugh. Well, come to our show on Saturday, where I attempt to kick Tim in the nads with tap shoes.