ridiculous irish musicians.jpgSo everyone is coming to see our St. Paddy’s day show at the Bryant Lake Bowl, right?  I bring this up because we have a brand new Dregs feature to share with everyone!

Now everyone knows that The Dregs will perform any song you request for $5, even if we don’t know it.  That’s a given.  The $5 rule will, of course, be in full effect at our show on Saturday night.  The $25 Virgin Sturgeon verse is also in full effect.  As is the $10 Lesbians in Socks.

But we are an Irish band and for St. Patrick’s Day, we want to do something special.

So Friday night I was out at dinner with some members of the Dregs, some members of the Court Revelers, Lolly Foy, and Molly’s boyfriend my boyfriend Marc.  Over flaming cheese and egg lemon soup, we learned something exciting.

It turns out, Dregs fans, that Molly knows how to tap dance.

She also plays the violin.  You know what that means!


I don’t know about you, but I want to see Molly tap dance and play the violin at the same time.  I fully expect that she won’t be able to do either one fairly well if she is trying to do them at the same time.  That, my friends, is what makes this the greatest idea ever.

So on Saturday, we offer our first ever request upgrade.  If you give us an extra $5 with a request (and the song features a violin solo), Molly will do a tap dancing violin solo.

If you want to know why that would be awesome, go watch this video.

And then prepare yourself for a tap dancing violin solo featuring Molly!

Now for this week’s rehearsal recording.  We’ve spent a little time polishing up  the harmonies on “Arlington,” which is a song we performed for our Christmas and New Year’s shows.  This week you can hear something close to what we’ll be performing on Saturday night.


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