MRF, weekend five: PATCHOULI

If you’ve ever seen The Dregs doing what Tim refers to as ‘morning walkies’, you’ve seen us enter into The Alchemist screaming, “DON’T WANNA SMELL LIKE NO DAMN IRISH PERSON NO MORE!” to which I always squee, “PATCHOULIIIIIIIIIII”, and Tim looses his shit.

His hatred of patchouli comes from a place deep within. The struggle is real. So real, a couple years ago someone paid me five dollars to bathe him in patchouli oil. Since Tim is a whore for money, he did so greedily and to my amusement complained all day about how badly he smelled.

our thoughts of patchouli summed up in a visual aid
our thoughts of patchouli summed up in a visual aid

So it was only a matter of time before he and Geoffrey decided to write a song about it. Here is a great video taken by our other favorite cripple, Caden Logan. Thank you for the thievery of this fine display of debauchery, muah darling.

Super bonus: watch in the back for the plain ol’ dickery that is Trevor, the fiddle player of Four Pints Shy as he messes with me near constantly while I am trying to be a professional and play my damn song.

thank goodness Peter Verrant caught the meanness on film
thank goodness Peter Verrant caught the meanness on film last year; same dirty tricks, different fricken season

Stay tuned for next week when I finally decide to stab Trevor in the chest with his own bow.

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Author: Molly

Molly has been hogging the spotlight since she first started playing the violin in 1988. She soon realized a life of performance and poverty is more exciting than earning a sustainable living, so she double majored in music and theater. After years of romping around at reputable places in the Twin Cities including The Minnesota Opera Chorus, Bloomington Civic Theater, and The Jungle Theater, Molly lowered her standards and gave The Dregs a try in 2010 and finally made this 'Irish' band legit with a fiddle player. Molly is going to graduate school for her masters in education to hopefully learn how she went so very wrong.

2 thoughts on “MRF, weekend five: PATCHOULI

  1. Ruby Revolver says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend of September 20 and 21 at the MNRF because of the Dregs. I was there with the Rennie Road Trip from Bristol. I got 6 other people to come and watch, wish I could have got more. You guys were great. Probably won’t be back for 2 years. I guess the CD’s I got will have to do until then. Keep the original works coming. They’re highly entertaining which I guess speaks to me own sick sense of humor.


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