Last Weekend of MRF, 2014

Well, Droopies, it’s all over. Another season at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival came and went. Laughter was had, puppets worn, proposals made, battles of bands fought (WE WON), and many hugs given. We can’t thank you enough for the amazing year. Without YOU, none of this would be possible.

Tim is ever the romantic at the end of that clip. Talk about shameless self-promotion! (Thank you to Deanna Lyn Merdink for the use of her lovely video!)

Also, check out here how we were involved in another couple become engaged as well. We thought it was merely a birthday party, so uh… we rushed the stage (seen at 1:20 on the above video link) and ruined the beautiful tableau of nobility.

Ashley has no idea what is about to happen to her

Ashley is smiling because we haven’t come up on stage yet

We just cannot tell you how magical this year has been. Thank you so much for putting up with our shenanigans, antics, bad manners, musical faux pas, and inviting us into your lives.

we apologize this is mostly your experience at Mac's Pub

we apologize that this ghastly image is a part of your experience at Mac’s Pub

In case you were wondering, this is what we looked like at the closing gate show from a DRONE VIDEO (without sound). And if you missed the closing ceremony, I found this fabulous clip of a few crowd favorites (that one DOES have sound, fortunately)!

Stay tuned for future events! We are working on our annual holiday show at Kieran’s Irish Pub and should have news and hopefully tickets soon! Can’t wait that long? Come visit us on Wednesday, December 3rd at Sample Night Live and vote us for best act of the year! We’ve never won!


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