Droopie of the Month: March Edition

Greetings Dreg-Heads. This month’s droopie is Maggie Heck. *general applause*

photo by Jim Jordan, ugly crown by me
photo by Jim Jordan, ugly crown by me

Mostly because her doting husband is a dork and commented first. But don’t worry kids, I’ll torture ALL of you who showed interest! 😀

Maggie is a megafan. And when I mean mega, I mean she knew all the words to the songs before I did. She and her gang (Maven, Kate, and Lauren who rocks more) were super accepting of me during my freshman Dreg year. I appreciated it, along with all the liquor you supplied me with that helped take away the pain ease the reality of my new performance venue.

breakfast of champions
breakfast of champions


So for you, dear Maggie, I dedicate this poem: *ahem*

Jello is red

It can be blue too

Thanks for the vodka

Well, because booze

Come out to our upcoming St Paddy’s Day Dregs Show at the Bryant Lake Bowl and see how I’ll thank Maggie for being so boobilicious awesome.