Social media is the best. I get exposed to all kinds of things (sometimes literally) that I otherwise would not have stumbled upon. Take for instance this article by Drew Ailes from St. Louis’ own Riverfront Times. It’s about the six people to avoid… when forming a band.

With the logo 'cats' on the shirt, this could be any of the FOUR members of this band who own them...
With the logo ‘cats’ on the shirt, this could be any of the FOUR members of this band who own them…

Ahh, six members in this band. Six people to avoid. GET IT? IT’S LIKE I AM SAYING TO AVOID OUR BAND MEMBERS! This could not be more perfect if it tried.

While not exactly detailing the members of The Dregs, it’s an interesting read. Here is some snobbery for you from an orchestra dork: I don’t run into the archetypes mentioned in this article because the people with whom I usually perform read music and are professionals.

Yeah, I guess that means I’m calling my band professionals? *shudder*

The other part I enjoy is nestled in number five; the ‘Americana Reject’. This is a screen shot of my favorite part…

underlined for clarity/hilarity
underlined for clarity/hilarity

What’s that he wrote? “Can’t even play the accordion.” Ha, it’s funny because he’s insinuating the accordion is a lesser instrument. One any chump could play…. roflcopter!



Actually, that is inspiring me to write another blog entirely. Hooray for inspiration! Stay tuned, unlike us. Get it? Because we don’t tune until we’re in the middle of a set? I crack me up. Ahhhhhh.

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