Flawed Dregs, and by flawed I mean dead bird

The Dregs had a very busy 2013! You might have missed it, but we were asked to write a song to be a part of Joesph Scrimshaw’s Flaw Fest.

there is a lot going on here
there is a lot going on here, but it’s all hilarious!

If you haven’t listened to it, you can check out some of his comedy AND check out our song too. Or, for a dollar, you can buy it and keep it and  love it and name it George. What a deal!

Not widely known public knowledge, but I was a part of the song writing process. A couple of those ‘flaws’ mentioned on the song are real life experiences I’ve had. The song ends with Rachael’s verse about working full time and going to a food shelf for food anyways. I had a coworker at a music store, with the self-appointed nick name of ‘Rockula’ (gross), who worked full time, got commissions and a regular hourly wage, and totally got sandwiches from a local food shelf.

a quick google search found this 1990s movie. I assure you, he is not nearly as talented or good looking as ANYONE in this film.
a quick google search found this 1990s movie. I assure you, my ex coworker is not nearly as talented or good looking as ANYONE in this film.

He was about forty, had long thinning hair he dyed black, a body shaped like a Popsicle (square at the top and spindly legs), and thought he was a rock star or something. Once at work, he mourned over the fact we (and by we I mean me) had to wear a vest, as I could have used my boobs as a selling point.

Lovely guy, really.

Which brings us to the verse I’ve been avoiding. The first one that Chad solos on. *Sigh*. After my first day of a new job, I got off the bus. Scared I missed my stop, I got off a little early which meant I had to walk a few extra blocks, no big deal. However, as I was walking, I walked past a front yard with a high incline and startled a bird in the grass. As it tried to make its escape, it flew underneath my foot as I was walking. FLEW. UNDER. MY. FOOT.

*not actual bird, I am not a monster
not actual bird, just ANOTHER dead bird I found

I felt the flutter of wings against my leg, and it was all over. It happened so fast… I lifted my foot and it was gone, its eyes popping out of its head in a grotesque manner to solidify its demise so that I didn’t try to resuscitate it (I actually thought for a second how I could save it). As I dismissed the idea of mouth-to-beak, I then contemplated if I should take a photo of it to put on facebook so that people would believe me. But its eyes were just… I just… couldn’t. So I kept walking. I left it in the middle of the sidewalk for some child or hobo to find.

A horrifying experience for a vegetarian who loves her plants (I have a couple since the late 90s), and who hates even killing insects (except mosquitoes, those guys can fuck themselves).

But it sure does make for comedy gold, though! Here’s to more mishaps I can use for future Dreg songs!