St Chadface

At rehearsal on Monday, we discovered something. There once was a man named Chad who was sainted.

According to the Wikipedia Article the continued use of the word ‘chad’ to describe ballot paper and the questionable 2000 presidential election, some refer to St Chad jokingly as the patron of botched elections. We in The Dregs tend to agree with this theory. Instead of ‘THANKS OBAMA’, we should start saying, ‘THANKS CHAD!’

Back to the saint guy. There were controversies with a pagan king, a trip to Ireland, and eventually, St Chad became the bishop of Merica. Here is a map of his land.

totally accurate representation
a very accurate representation

Unfortunately, all things must come to and end, even if they are fabulous. You can see in the Wikipedia article when that was:

removal of Chad

Welp, I dunno about you, but that wraps that up nice and neatly for ME. Any removal of Chad is a good thing. I wonder if St Chad’s family moved to Slovenia and started making accordions? Naaaaah.

he really should have devil horns
he really should have devil horns