It’s a Miracle we Get Anything Done

Sweary DregWe rehearse most every Monday night and given the amount of time we spend goofing off, I sometimes wonder how we ever learn any music at all.

One of our new goals for the year is to get into the studio once a month to put together some good quality songs for anyone who wants them.  We can get through one or two songs a night but because you are recording one vocal or instrumental track at a time, it can get be pretty tedious when you aren’t in the recording.  You need a way to pass the time.

We could talk with each other but while people are recording, we need to be silent. So we end up having conversations on Facebook.  With each other.  Yes I know.  Shut up.

It’s amazing what you discover when you are Facebooking with The Dregs.  This week, we discovered that there is a thing where people dress cats up as clowns.  Don’t believe me?  Check out our Facebook conversation (note all of these people were in the same room together.)

Dregs Rehearsal 1

There’s more, my friends.  This is just an example of the horrors that are produced when we have too much time on our hands.

We also produced a song.  You can listen to that pretty soon.

For now, all we have for you is a cat dressed as a clown.

You don’t get that shit with Katy Perry, do you?

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