All Things Must Come to an End

Sweary DregBefore I get to the main thrust of my article, I’m going to suggest that you read a comedy piece I wrote on my main blog page if only because you should take every conceivable opportunity to quote your favorite lines to Molly.  She’ll love it!

One of our favorite shows of the year has been our performance at CONvergence.  We’ve performed there every year since 2001, the third year of the convention.

The first few years, we had about ten people come and watch us.  The room was not much bigger than my living room.

I bring that up because we threw a house concert in my living room last year and our audience was significantly greater than the number of people in attendance at our first performance during CONvergence 2001. Actually, it was probably more people than were at our first two performances.

I have a lot of great memories of our performances at the convention.

We used to sing a song called “Westering Home” and in 2001, Guest of Honor Michael Sheard came to watch us perform.

This is Michael right here. Remember to separate the actor from the role.

Michael was English and he noticed that we changed the song ever so slightly to make it about going home to Ireland instead of England.  He was politely incensed.  Michael was always polite and never actually incensed.

We recorded half of our live album “Uncorked” at CONvergence several years ago.

Last year, Trevor Holien from 4 Pints Shy joined us on stage and played the fiddle while wearing a (kick ass) Tusken Raider costume.

We have typically tried to introduce at least one new song at each con.  Some of those songs have become favorites (“Pissing off the Geeks”) and others have not stood the test of time (“Square Root of Two”).  The CONvergence audience has always been the most open and receptive of the year.

So it makes us sad to announce that we won’t be performing at the convention this year.

This is result of the space problems CONvergence has faced as it has grown.  They simply didn’t have room for a music performance venue this year. We aren’t angry at the convention for having to make difficult choices.  The call was a hard one and it wasn’t made to hurt anyone.

This is not anyone’s fault.  There is no letter writing campaign to be made.  We can’t perform there because there is no space to perform.  It is not because we were no longer welcome.

We can still be bummed out about it.  And we are.

Especially since Geoffrey and I wrote a new song we were sure was going to go over extremely well at CONvergence.  Maybe not as popular as “Pissing off the Geeks” but close.

So you won’t get a chance to hear the new song at the convention.  Sorry about that.

The next best thing we can do is give you a rehearsal recording of our newest original song for our beloved audience of geeks, “Patchouli is not a Substitute for a Bath.”

(Note this song contains a lot of adult language)


As with any rehearsal recording, the sound is not going to be the best.  But hey, it’s a new song, right?

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