What $5 actually gets you

Some people have indicated to us through the years that our policy of offering “Whatever you want” for $5 is a bit overpriced. To this I say, “You never asked me for a BJ in the 90’s.” Talk about overpriced. Anyhoo, I think $5 is a bargain compared to what some things cost, like a […]

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Well that escalated quickly

I have often said that a band is only as good as its audience. This stance says a lot about my feelings on bands such as Guns & Roses One Direction or Gwar We don’t do a lot of shows outside of Fest. It does make the time we spend with our fans extra special. […]

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Why I Am A Dreg

Here’s the thing: I love to perform in front of people Or even just person, ask my wife, she’ll tell you the performing seldom stops. I met The Dregs at Siouxland RenFest about six years ago and was a fan from the first set I watched. I was in The Lost Boys at the time (btw […]

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Suze Becker

Happy Birthday Suze!

It’s Suze’s birthday y’all. for those who are counting that means she’s 46 today! Hooray Suze! You don’t look 46 at all!   For those who aren’t in the know, Suze works in Healthcare Administration for Fairview and has a son, Kieran who is six years old and enjoys sandwiches. Suze is also a frequent […]

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What we realized is that people are viewing this website things on multiple platforms like iThings and Intelligear. It behooved us, therefore, to integrate a more responsive design to our site and here it is. Please enjoy navigating through the cyber world of your favorite band. As always, please interact with us by leaving a […]

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