Suze Becker

Happy Birthday Suze!

It’s Suze’s birthday y’all. for those who are counting that means she’s 46 today! Hooray Suze! You don’t look 46 at all!

Suze Becker
Suze Becker performing at a Dregs concert and being awesome.


For those who aren’t in the know, Suze works in Healthcare Administration for Fairview and has a son, Kieran who is six years old and enjoys sandwiches. Suze is also a frequent contributor to Vilification Tennis where she has caused more performers to cry than any other Vilifier ever.

Suze is one of the founding members of the Dregs along with Tim who she is still getting used to. She has “interviewed” all the guitarists the band has ever hired and found at least one of them to be “adequate.”

Suze enjoys singing only slow, beautiful ballads, but is happy that her two most requested numbers are “Black Horse & Cherry Tree, ” and “Pills of White Mercury.” When she can remember the words, she rocks them both.

Please leave your birthday wishes for Suze in the comments section and let her know how much you appreciate her giving up any hope of a retirement nest egg to entertain all you fuckers.