Well that escalated quickly

I have often said that a band is only as good as its audience. This stance says a lot about my feelings on bands such as

Guns & Roses

g&r fondling groupies
I stand corrected, they’re obviously very loving people.

One Direction

Not obsessed, no way.

or Gwar

Bloody Gwar fans
That concert doesn’t frighten the shit out of me at all!

We don’t do a lot of shows outside of Fest. It does make the time we spend with our fans extra special. It tends to give Festival that Summer Camp feel and makes me look forward to the end of every Summer despite the grueling schedule that fest requires. I love that you include us in your birthdays (Sorry I didn’t make Saturday, J.P.), your proposals (I’m looking at you, Paul) and even some funerals.

To say we love our fans is a HYOOOOOOJ understatement. You guys are family to us. We celebrate with you, we laugh at you like the good siblings we are, and we even mourn with you. There aren’t a lot of touring bands that have that kind of connection with their audience. I am glad that ours does.

You guys have shown your dedication to us in so many ways, not the least of which was selling out our unarguably limited-seating Holiday Show in less than twelve hours yesterday. You constantly amaze and delight me and I am so proud to be a part of something this special. Thank you all.