Queerest Band at Fest Goes to Pride

This weekend is Pride weekend in the cities, and yours truly is planning on going to it. This will be consecutive year six for me and this time my dates are my bandmates. <3

sticking my tongue out before it was cool in '08

sticking my tongue out before it was cool in ’08

We here in The Dregs like to think of ourselves as the queerest band at MRF. We have our token straight, Tim Wick, while the rest of us identify somewhere on the Kinsey scale, with Chad the farthest away from girl parts as you can imagine.

Chad playing in the parade. I think someone shouted 'vagina' at him.

Chad playing in the parade. I think someone shouted ‘vagina’ at him.

Think of the gayest man you know and then add a phobia of vascular cervixes and eventually you’ll find Chad. I sure am excited for this year though, as I get some quality time with my band peeps. My first year as a Dreg, 2/3rds of the band celebrated together.

Dregs + Droopie = Dregoopie

Dregs + Droopie = Dregoopie

I don’t know what is going on in that photo. A lot of boob cupping, it seems. So if you want to catch us being totally gaaaAAAAaaay this weekend, find us at the parade. We would love to see you there!

I'm pretty

I’m pretty

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  • I think we all know what body part of Chads Andy is grabbing. Hint: not a boob
    Poor Rach, where is her boob love?

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