Calendar Fever

Here at The Dregs, we consider ourselves to be helpers. We know how much you love the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and how you feel connected to the acts out there. We’re happy to announce we posed for the 2015 calendar, so you should ORDER ONE TODAY. Sales of the calendars will continue until December, so you have time!

we're near the bottom of the list, where we belong!
we’re near the bottom of the list, where we belong!

I have no idea what our picture looks like. All I remember is that there is an accordion in it. We apologize in advance.

notice how the accordion is eating his soul
notice how the accordion is eating his soul

The proceeds go to benefit the Olsen family, and if you’re plugged in to dem facebooks, you can get updates on their page. Just ‘like’ and you are set for debauchery and whatnot. Personally, I like the intrigue of the ‘whatnot’.

I googled 'whatnot'; apparently that's a Muppet term for 'background extras'... the more you know
I googled ‘whatnot’; apparently that’s a Muppet term for ‘background extras’… the more you know
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Author: Molly

Molly has been hogging the spotlight since she first started playing the violin in 1988. She soon realized a life of performance and poverty is more exciting than earning a sustainable living, so she double majored in music and theater. After years of romping around at reputable places in the Twin Cities including The Minnesota Opera Chorus, Bloomington Civic Theater, and The Jungle Theater, Molly lowered her standards and gave The Dregs a try in 2010 and finally made this 'Irish' band legit with a fiddle player. Molly is going to graduate school for her masters in education to hopefully learn how she went so very wrong.

2 thoughts on “Calendar Fever

  1. Jacky Rymsha says:

    I was just wondering how Chad is feeling after Geoff decided to try to dip him during one of your songs on the last day of fest??? He was having some bad back pain I saw, and I hope he is feeling better!!!

    1. Molly says:

      He is much better! Thank you for checking in. The evil accordion is the real culprit here! Let’s have a burning party, shall we? 🙂


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