bloggy sabbatical

Well, maybe you noticed and maybe you didn’t that last week came and went without a blog post. I noticed. On Saturday. That is. Yeah, yours truly is in graduate school and this semester is really starting to ramp up and has started stomping my will to live. I may as well admit that I am powerless against my own determination to have three semesters in a row of a 4.0 GPA.

my excellence demands all A’s … it’s a moody bitch like that

So let’s not think of this as the end. Let’s think of it as a cliffhanger for next season. Like one of my new favorite shows, Black Sails.

one of the best moments in season one, hands down
one of the best moments in season one, hands down

Or like ‘Winter is Coming’ from Game of Thrones.

wtf is Tyrion DOING with Daenerys??!?
GoT Season 5: wtf is Tyrion DOING with Daenerys??!?

So let’s see. I’ll write my own cliffhanger for the next season installment of blogs.

It was an overcast day when it happened. The fire crackled warmly and she plopped herself down near it, grabbing her handmade afghan blanket and wrapping it around her legs. Grey fuzzy slippers poked out the bottom and she fidgeted absent-mindedly with her chin as she contemplated how to begin. 

Suddenly, a ninja on fire smashed through her bedroom window. Shaken, she tried to jump up but the blanket around her legs held fast and tight and she fell like a Shibari victim on the floor. It was then that Falcor with Fred Savage on his back followed the ninja through the shattered glass and Fred did a back-flip to the ground and started to grapple with the ninja. who was still mostly on fire.

The action was interrupted when the entire cast of ‘Drawn Together’ started doing a flash mob song in the backyard. Falcor then proposed to the ninja, and the video posted on YouTube got over 3 million hits. 

Meanwhile, she was still trapped on the floor, unable to write. How did she set herself free? Who exactly is ‘she’? Will Falcor and the fire ninja be successful on TLC’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress’? Will Fred Savage ever write me back from that one time I sent him fan mail in fifth grade and I counted how many days it had been since that curly-haired fucker hadn’t responded?

Find out the answers on next season’s installment of… 

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