What Are You Doing for St. Patrick’s Day?

I’m sorry, the title of this post is misleading.  I really should have asked what you are doing on Saturday, March 15th (at 10:00 PM).

I know what The Dregs are doing.  We’re going to be playing our annual St. Patrick’s day concert at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

As always, we’ll be playing a lot of traditional tunes like “Old Dun Cow” and “Johnny Jump-up” and yes, there is always the opportunity to request a song that isn’t on our set list.  The rules of Dregs requests are as fixed as gravity.

But we always try to trot out a few new tunes for the St. Patrick’s day show.  I guess it feels like a great time of year to start building our repertoire.  The St. Paddy’s day crowd is always friendly and looks forward to watching us take a few chances.

So this week we spent some time doing some hard work on a couple of songs we’ll be singing next Saturday night and I’m posting one of them this morning.  We tried doing this song at our Dregs in the Dark show last year and we did…OK.

I think we’ll be a lot closer this time.  Get your tickets in advance at the Bryant Lake Bowl website and see for yourself!  Or, if you want an advance preview of what we’re up to, you can listen below.


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