The Birds Have It

Rachael here!

I have to admit — this is one of my favorite shows of the year (and yes, I’m referring to The Dregs Christmas Show).

I take particular delight in messing with other members of the band.  I know we should be careful with “inside jokes” and royally messing up pretty songs that we as individuals are proud to perform.  However, if we’re already performing significant injustices to a composition, it seems like it is fair game to dish out some less than charitable behavior toward those performing such gems.

I will list a few of my Christmas Show additions from past years:

“Sparkle Tits”

“Dildos Aplenty”

“Tassels McGee”

“Crotch Santa”

“Camel(toe) Puppet”

I know of a couple of hijinx that may happen at this year’s show, but I’m still trying to figure out my  big “surprise.” 

I may actually do something outrageous during the dinner hour this time, so be sure to come early (doors open at 6 for dinner and beverages) to see if I reveal something for pure shock value!  That way you’ll get a decent seat for the show, and potentially get an eyeful of something at least questionable!

Oh, and everytime we mention a bird in a song, I will glare with marked accusation at Molly.  Because it is fun.