Imminent Performance in t-minus 4 days!

Are you kids getting as excited as I am for this holiday show OR WHAT!? Knowing that it sold out in just a couple days is so insane. As a huge treat to you, our fans, we’re opening the doors at six so we can all eat dinner together. I plan on having the amazing baked cheddar tomato soup. I’ve been jonesing for it since last motha motha year, y’all.

ill-begotten image from urban spoon, and is close enough to the real thing


I’m not much of a beer fan, so I’m imagining that Guinness glass is filled with bubbly diet coke goodness. Call me a blasphemer,  I don’t care.

We are also working on getting our songs memorized, and true to Dreg fashion, we can’t help but mess with each other even as we’re trying to work. So I am debuting TWO things in this post- my ability to work a wordpress site AND my crappy windows movie maker skills. Both are lacking, so together they make adequacy!

Mad Rehearsal Skillz  <– click herez, cuz interneting is hard

Well, since I have dicked around with this until 2am, I think that’s good for now. See you on Saturday!


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