See What Happens When I’m Not Around?

I wasn’t able to be at The Dregs rehearsal this week because I had a ping pong ball in the Minnesota Fringe lottery.  I’m sure that they worked on some great music.

Well that’s what I hope happened.  But I asked them to send me a recording from rehearsal if anything came up that was worth posting on our web site.  So they did.

What they came up with is one of those songs that is uniquely The Dregs.  Is it a song we’ll ever perform again?  Hell, I don’t know.  What I do know is a song like this happens at least once a rehearsal and normally nobody is there to hear it.

This week, you get to hear it.  As always, keep in mind that the song is a rehearsal recording so don’t expect a high quality recording.  What you can expect, though, is the kind of music that makes this band a lot of fun to work with.

Even when I’m not there.

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