What $5 actually gets you

Some people have indicated to us through the years that our policy of offering “Whatever you want” for $5 is a bit overpriced. To this I say, “You never asked me for a BJ in the 90’s.” Talk about overpriced. Anyhoo, I think $5 is a bargain compared to what some things cost, like a […]

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Well that escalated quickly

I have often said that a band is only as good as its audience. This stance says a lot about my feelings on bands such as Guns & Roses One Direction or Gwar We don’t do a lot of shows outside of Fest. It does make the time we spend with our fans extra special. […]

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Why I Am A Dreg

Here’s the thing: I love to perform in front of people Or even just person, ask my wife, she’ll tell you the performing seldom stops. I met The Dregs at Siouxland RenFest about six years ago and was a fan from the first set I watched. I was in The Lost Boys at the time (btw […]

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