Rehearsal With The Dregs

Sweary DregMolly has been completely hogging the Dregs Blog and it has to stop.  That’s why I’m here and I’ll be back every Tuesday.  I’m going to do things a little differently.  I’m going to tell you about what the band is doing.

You want to know where we’ll be performing?  I’ll tell you before we even post the event!

You want to know what music we’re working on?  I’m going to be posting rehearsal recordings!

You want to know what crazy stuff has happened in the rehearsal?  Yeah.  I’ll dish that out too.

Last night we got together and started playing around with some new music.  Our St Patrick’s show is coming up on the 15th of March (go to the Bryant Lake Bowl web site to purchase tickets) and we like to have some new music worked up for that one.

We usually take January off so this was our first rehearsal since our New Year’s Eve show.  We were all a little punchy so not as much work got done as we’d hoped.

But we did make very good headway on a new song by the Wailin’ Jennys called “Starlight.”

Our goal is to try to take any song we cover and make it our own.  This song is a great song just as it is but our arrangement will, we hope, be uniquely The Dregs.

So are you ready for a rehearsal recording?  You can listen to it below!

I was trying out the microphone on my new computer (meh) and this is the second time we sang the song all the way through so obviously, there is some work to be done.  I think we’ve got a good start.  I hope you think so too!

P.S: The icon for this blog was created by Nick Glover.  Thanks Nick!

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Author: Tim Wick

I’m a comedian, dad, freethinker, musician and geek. I have four cats, two children and one wife. I’m pretty fond of all of them. I also like movies a lot. I produce an adult themed show called Vilification Tennis. We perform monthly at the Bryant Lake Bowl and we also appear at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I also perform with The Dregs, a Minnesota Based group of comedy musicians. I’m the co-host of Geeks Without God, a weekly podcast about being geeky atheists. I contributed an essay to Atheist Voices of Minnesota, an anthology of writings by Minnesota atheists, due to be released on the 28th of August, 2012.

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