Droopie of the Month: June Edition 

This month’s Droopie is the Zip-Splasher Cripple of infamy, Mr  Tim (TIMMAY!) Iverson! We love Tim because he’s hilarious and always brings his punchy sense of humor. We even made a video JUST FOR HIM. As you can plainly see, I am the one dissenting voice of reason. I obviously love Timmy best. So anyways, here is my interview with the lovely Tim. 1.) How long have you been a Dregs fan? Since 2006 if I remember right. The year Chad and I first went to the MINNESOTA Renaissance Festival. That year, that first time at fest, that first Dregs show, changed […]

I have no idea what I am doing 

Last week of semester and I am a derp. So here is my horrible entry today. Enjoy?     And here is an obligatory internet kitten:

dregs rehearsal 

Here I am, cutting corners again, this time through the magic of film. I recorded a Dregs rehearsal, so you could see it all unfold before your very eyes. The stupid will burn. You’ll catch glimpses of this: And this:     So all you have to do to see this video is click on the link below.   CLICK HEREEEEEE Throw it a couple likes too, why not? I’ll love you like rawr status if you do.

cup of nope 

As I am in the throes of the end of my first semester in grad school, I have TWO HUGE RESEARCH PAPERS to write. So enjoy this random photo: And this bizarre webpage. Now back to my research papers, aka, a lesson in synonym writing.  

my not-so-secret obession 

When people’s characterization of me includes leggings, I knew I had a slight… problem. See, I work with kids. And kids are sometimes trendy. And when kids starting wearing these magical black quasi-stockings, I knew I had to have a piece of that ass-hugging pie. I don’t know what it is about leggings. They make me happy in a way no man has. They complete my outfit, in timeless beauty. They compliment any outfit, at any time. Basically my motto is, damn my legs look good so why the hell not. I ain’t getting any younger, that’s for sure! VIVA […]

Droopie of the Month: April Edition 

This month’s Droopie is Stehve Ahonen. Yaaaaaay! *muppet hands* Stephan is a professional live sound engineer. You probably haven’t seen him at any Dregs shows because he’s at the back of the room furiously twisting knobs, while also mixing sound. As you can see: And he does this for funsies for us sometimes, like at CONvergence: I interview our sound guy extraordinaire (due to a suggestion by Maggie my first Droopie whom I secretly lust for adore) , and Stehve waxes philosophical about his favorite Dreg song, is undeceive about his favorite Dreg, and has a song suggestion that one could […]

Pardon my French (NSFW) 

Well, when The Dregs record songs to put on albums, just about anything can happen. Most of it includes profanity. We decided to lay down ‘Dinosaur Bones’ and I’m not sure what happened when it was my turn. All I know is I ‘sang’ a string of words that would scare the Mafia. Being classically trained, I expect perfection in my violin playing and when that doesn’t happen… well… The best part is, because we were recording, we got this ‘musical gem’ saved for all time and it can be YOURS. That’s right, Droopies, you can own my mishap for […]

we want YOU 

This is either the best idea ever or going to be a mark of shame like the scarlet letter. I want to start doing a blog on here for *drum roll* Droopie of the Month. What is a droopie, you ask? Well, it’s a mish-mash of the words ‘Dreg’ and  ‘Groupie’. This gold nugget was around before I joined the band. In fact, here is a video from the old Dregs Documentary that has Tim … being Tim, I guess. I may or may not have recorded that blip with my phone. I’m just that tech savvy, and by savvy […]

My dirty secret; Mascara Anonymous 

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to make up. And not just any- specifically mascara. Okay, here’s how it went down. My mother started putting make up on me when I was about six for fancy family photos. Not even kidding. It was usually blush, lip gloss, … and my old dear friend, mascara.   Once the Regan recession hit us hard, we couldn’t afford fancy studio quality photos, so my mother took to doing her own. She again appointed herself chief makeup artist. (I think my sisters may hunt me down and kill me after this […]

Tim and Marc, sitting in a tree…. 

You know how the rest of that nursery rhyme goes. But do we really know how it started? How did my boyfriend and bandmate begin their bromance? I am unsure, but lets retrace some of the clues I’ve gathered and see if we can make sense from all of this. The Dregs take part in the Siouxland Renaissance Festival every summer. We usually carpool because it makes a long drive entertaining and then we hold each other accountable. In a video I recorded, we were momentarily stopped by a hail storm. Tim calls out to Marc in defiance of the […]