The Token Vegetarian

I ended last week’s blog with a ridiculous picture of a baby bird in a bun. That inspired me to come right out of the spinach-lined closet and just say it. Some of you may already know this,  but I don’t eat meat.

this is my no meat face
this is my no meat face

That’s right kids. I’m a vegetarian. I have been one since 2000, but before that I tried (unsuccessfully) several times since I was about 15. I was unsuccessful because I didn’t know that I needed to take supplements so I wouldn’t become anemic. Because guess what? Humans evolved to eat meat.

Yep, I know we are omnivores. Except my boyfriend, he’s a meat-aholic.

time for a cup of NOPE
time for a cup of NOPE

I’m not a in-your-face-telling-you-how-wrong-you-are-vegetarian. I honestly give two facks if you want to stuff your pie hole with dead critters. That’s *your* business. I also play well with others, as such, I have become the vegetarian you can gibe on facebook and post meaty-meaty pictures on my timeline because I honestly don’t care.

Oh I feign shock. And horror. But I know it’s all in good fun.

you was trollin!
you was trollin!

On a related note, don’t google ‘weird cow pictures’. Just don’t. Unless you want to see a cow ass-peeing into a glass, because man. You can’t unsee that stuff.

I'm tellin ya just say no
I’m tellin ya, just say no
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Author: Molly

Molly has been hogging the spotlight since she first started playing the violin in 1988. She soon realized a life of performance and poverty is more exciting than earning a sustainable living, so she double majored in music and theater. After years of romping around at reputable places in the Twin Cities including The Minnesota Opera Chorus, Bloomington Civic Theater, and The Jungle Theater, Molly lowered her standards and gave The Dregs a try in 2010 and finally made this 'Irish' band legit with a fiddle player. Molly is going to graduate school for her masters in education to hopefully learn how she went so very wrong.

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