Siouxland or Bust

This year marks my FIFTH (!!!) season with The Dregs. The very first time I laced up my peasant bodice with them was in 2010 at The Siouxland Renaissance Festival (check out their website, yo). Here is a picture from my very first Dreggy weekend:


dat hat, tho
dat hat, tho


This was not my first outing to the Siouxland Festival. I was not always a Dreg, lovely Droopies. Oh no. First I sang with a reputable a capella group called DeCantus. Then I lowered my musical expectations and joined the ridiculousness that is this band.


my black hair brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, 'nope'...
while the hair dates from 2007, my boobs look exactly the same


It’s a good weekend to test out the garments before MRF, to see what needs tweaking, changing, or just to get used to wearing your garb again.


most interesting man


We are leaving on Friday, June 6th and can’t wait for this weekend of debauchery professional musicianship. Stop by if you’re in town!

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