Guilty pleasure

lea & perrins

I’m going to “out” my boyfriend.

He has been a vegetarian for the last 10 years, but while we were in England earlier this year, he succumbed to the siren song of Lea & Perrin’s Sauce, which contains anchovies. He craved it prior to that brave step, and has not yet quenched his desire to consume mass quantities of it since.

He would drink the savory liquid if he could (and who knows exactly what he does when I am not at home). He loves it that much.

This has been a gateway to the consumption of other animal products. We’ve tested out NY Strip (he’s hardcore – he went right for beef, the cheeky bugger), and a few forms of chicken. Tonight we’re wading in the waters of English-style Fish & Chips (malt vinegar, here we come!). My mouth is already watering.

Which leads me to the reason for my post. I am very curious as to what he will choose to eat when we’re at Kieran’s for The Dregs Holiday Show tomorrow evening. He may play it safe after tonight’s fried fish, as Kieran’s does have an excellent veggie burger entree, and tempting fries. Maybe he’ll go for broke and compare the fish and chips to what we’re eager to taste on tonight’s adventure. Maybe he can’t pass up a tasty stew, or one of Kieran’s lush soups.

Join us on this culinary ride folks, and come down to eat with us before the show begins.

I’m sure I’ll make a comment or two to make our shy Brit turn many a shade of red. Feel free to encourage him to try any of the offering on the menu. I honestly believe that deep down, way back in the deep recesses of his English brain, there is a tiny kernel of existence that appreciates it when attention is called to him. Probably.