I’m sure all bands do this but when The Dregs get into the studio and record, we make a lot of mistakes.  I mean a lot of mistakes.  To outsiders, it would be surprising to discover we actually know the songs we are trying to record.

Chad saves these mistakes forever because he’s kind of a douche.  If anyone gets too uppity, he can just pull out one of our really extreme screw ups to remind us that, basically, we all suck.

It might surprise you to learn that when we screw up, we frequently utter words that are not exactly approved for all audiences.  Molly and I, specifically, frequently weave a complex tapestry of swear words that would make our boyfriend* blush.

So you have Molly and I swearing a blue streak and you have Chad, who saves every single thing he ever records.  The practical result is a gigantic pile of vile outtakes just sitting on Chad’s computer waiting for the opportunity to see the sun.

That’s why we have some downloadable ring tones on the web site now.  While it makes no sense to me, I have the feeling that someone would like to have Molly swear for ten seconds every time their phone rings.  I don’t think that I need such a ring tone for my phone but just in case you do need such a thing, you can download it here.  You could also opt for something that sounds like Suze having an orgasm.

Someday all of our fans will have ringtones featuring Dregs either swearing or having an orgasm.  I feel like this is a big growth market.

Go ahead. Download a Dregs ring tone!  Be an early adopter!

Also, come see us at Die Laughing this Sunday the 6th at 6:00 PM!  We’ll be singing for an hour and challenging our audience to help us raise money for Fearless Comedy Productions!

*Marc.  Marc is our boyfriend.  Just don’t tell Molly.

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