What $5 actually gets you (2/24/2015) - Some people have indicated to us through the years that our policy of offering “Whatever you want” for $5 is a bit overpriced. To this I say, “You never askedContinue readingWhat $5 actually gets you
Gotta Hang On Till Tomorrow (12/18/2014) - COME WHAT MAAAAAAAAAAAAAY….. Okay kids, this is mostly an INFORMATIONAL BLOG. No funny business, ya hear? We have a show to do, and we’re goddamn professionals here! *snerk* Well, mostContinue readingGotta Hang On Till Tomorrow
Well that escalated quickly (11/11/2014) - I have often said that a band is only as good as its audience. This stance says a lot about my feelings on bands such as Guns & Roses OneContinue readingWell that escalated quickly
bloggy sabbatical (10/30/2014) - Well, maybe you noticed and maybe you didn’t that last week came and went without a blog post. I noticed. On Saturday. That is. Yeah, yours truly is in graduateContinue readingbloggy sabbatical
Calendar Fever (10/17/2014) - Here at The Dregs, we consider ourselves to be helpers. We know how much you love the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and how you feel connected to the acts out there.Continue readingCalendar Fever
All for Me Grog (10/10/2014) - Okay, so I maybe forgot yesterday to post something. I got the grad school blues, baby, and it’s impeding on bloggy time. So it’s Friday and here I am anyways.Continue readingAll for Me Grog
Last Weekend of MRF, 2014 (10/2/2014) - Well, Droopies, it’s all over. Another season at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival came and went. Laughter was had, puppets worn, proposals made, battles of bands fought (WE WON), and manyContinue readingLast Weekend of MRF, 2014
Battle of the Bands 2014 (9/25/2014) - Alright, before we begin WHO CHOSE THE NAKEY MAN PHOTO TO REPRESENT AN EPIC SMACK DOWN? Chad called it ‘homoerotic’. I called it ‘what the actual frack’. Freud calls itContinue readingBattle of the Bands 2014
MRF, weekend five: PATCHOULI (9/18/2014) - If you’ve ever seen The Dregs doing what Tim refers to as ‘morning walkies’, you’ve seen us enter into The Alchemist screaming, “DON’T WANNA SMELL LIKE NO DAMN IRISH PERSONContinue readingMRF, weekend five: PATCHOULI
MRF, weekend four (9/11/2014) - Okay, so we here at The Dregs occasionally write some original music. Sometimes it’s an outlet for real life, other times it… based on a Syfy made for TV movie.Continue readingMRF, weekend four