Queerest Band at Fest Goes to Pride 

This weekend is Pride weekend in the cities, and yours truly is planning on going to it. This will be consecutive year six for me and this time my dates are my bandmates. <3 We here in The Dregs like to think of ourselves as the queerest band at MRF. We have our token straight, Tim Wick, while the rest of us identify somewhere on the Kinsey scale, with Chad the farthest away from girl parts as you can imagine. Think of the gayest man you know and then add a phobia of vascular cervixes and eventually you’ll find Chad. […]

A Throw-down of Epic Proportions 

Or just two drunk bands trying to out play each other, whateves. So hey. Four Pints shy is popping their Siouxland cherry and we think it’s only fair that we show them who is boss out there. If you’re going to be in town, come cheer, leer, and queer us on! *wink wink nudge nudge*   AND LET THE BEST* BAND WIN!!!   *ultimately, we are both hacks anyways, so meh    

Siouxland or Bust 

This year marks my FIFTH (!!!) season with The Dregs. The very first time I laced up my peasant bodice with them was in 2010 at The Siouxland Renaissance Festival (check out their website, yo). Here is a picture from my very first Dreggy weekend:     This was not my first outing to the Siouxland Festival. I was not always a Dreg, lovely Droopies. Oh no. First I sang with a reputable a capella group called DeCantus. Then I lowered my musical expectations and joined the ridiculousness that is this band.     It’s a good weekend to test out […]

it’s f@cking beautiful outside 

I was supposed to post something yesterday. Instead, I went sailing with my boyfriend. We launched the boat, Serenity, (yes I am a huge nerd, but I have come to terms with that reality)  this past weekend and what with both of us having a break between spring and summer semester and our youth dwindling before our very eyes, we said to hell with it and went sailing yesterday. Times sailing: 2. Fucks given: 0. I even made a video of the boat launch. Check out my mediocre filming skillz here. Marc has a blog, and if you want to […]

Droopie of the Month: May Edition 

This Month’s Droopie is our favorite under-age starlet, Lauren Brabec! *muppet hands* Lauren has many interests including the following: Dance Team Vilification Tennis: Sock monkeys:   The Minnesota Renaissance Festival: And making sure Chad knows he rocks more: Lauren is super extra special this month because it is her birthday, prom, and graduates from high school, zomg! She even has a special Vilification Tennis Show that you should TOTALLY ATTEND. HERE IS THE LINK TO BUY TICKETS TO LAUREN’S SPECTACULAR UPCOMING SHOW: CLICK ME FOR DEBAUCHERY!! Also, check it out on The Facebook! On now, marching onawards towards more awesomeness, […]

dregs rehearsal 

Here I am, cutting corners again, this time through the magic of film. I recorded a Dregs rehearsal, so you could see it all unfold before your very eyes. The stupid will burn. You’ll catch glimpses of this: And this:     So all you have to do to see this video is click on the link below.   CLICK HEREEEEEE Throw it a couple likes too, why not? I’ll love you like rawr status if you do.

The Token Vegetarian 

I ended last week’s blog with a ridiculous picture of a baby bird in a bun. That inspired me to come right out of the spinach-lined closet and just say it. Some of you may already know this,  but I don’t eat meat. That’s right kids. I’m a vegetarian. I have been one since 2000, but before that I tried (unsuccessfully) several times since I was about 15. I was unsuccessful because I didn’t know that I needed to take supplements so I wouldn’t become anemic. Because guess what? Humans evolved to eat meat. Yep, I know we are omnivores. Except […]

The Dregs are about to perform at Die Laughing 2014. 

Hey. Yeah, I’m talking to you. What are you doing right now, this very second? Sunday afternoon? What!? You’re playing MINECRAFT!? You loser. Stop it RIGHT NOW and come down to the Airport Hilton. The Dregs are going to perform at 6 PM. I know, I know… Minecraft is cool. I also play Minecraft. But not right now. Loser.

Happy Anniversary to Moi 

Saint Patrick’s Day is a special time for an Irish band, and that’s no different for The Dregs. It’s especially special because it marks my anniversary with the band. While I looked to find photographic evidence of that major event (how the hell can you call yourself ‘Irish’ without a FIDDLE PLAYER?), I could not find any. So you’ll have to check out some of my favorite moments during my first year with the band instead! Here is the Angelina farewell party. Remember when folding your pants like that was fashionable? Maybe that’s just me…   Then we had a […]

St. Paddy’s Day is Over – What’s Next? 

Actually it is the day after St. Patrick’s day.  We had a great holiday with a fantastic show on Saturday night with new and old fans and a performance at the Irish Festival of Music and Dance in downtown St. Paul on Monday.  I always feel like we should do more on St. Patrick’s day but we feel a little bit out of place in a bar.  We’ve never felt like our band works particularly well when we are mostly background music. I guess we like the attention. Our next performance is going to be at the Fearless Comedy Fundraiser, […]