Six People to Avoid When Forming a Band 

Social media is the best. I get exposed to all kinds of things (sometimes literally) that I otherwise would not have stumbled upon. Take for instance this article by Drew Ailes from St. Louis’ own Riverfront Times. It’s about the six people to avoid… when forming a band. Ahh, six members in this band. Six people to avoid. GET IT? IT’S LIKE I AM SAYING TO AVOID OUR BAND MEMBERS! This could not be more perfect if it tried. While not exactly detailing the members of The Dregs, it’s an interesting read. Here is some snobbery for you from an […]

beauty and the teeth 

I love our newest addition, brought to the band by Rachael, called Arlington. It’s a nice break from the rambunctious comedy pieces we normally do, and its layering of instrumentation we do gives me goosebumps. The Dregs perform Arlington, link courtesy of mega Droopie, Caden Logan. And here is a photo from the show just because when I share this on facebook, I want there to be a relevant image. I’m doing this for my own narcissistic, OCD tendencies. Also Chad isn’t in it, which means less false teeth. I’m not sayin’, I’m just SAYIN. Because Chad loves torturing me with […]

Can’t make the holiday show because it sold out? 

Come to the New Years Eve show! Dress up, bring your favorite pal to smootch at midnight and join us and Four Pints Shy as we bring in 2014 the right way; with music, laughter and shenanigans!   Party like it's 1999... er something... News of our show is starting to spread around town- we're...

¡Infeliz Navidad! 

Molly here. It is a Dregs tradition to sing Feliz Navidad and screw with the lead. I inherited the song from Angelina, and since then I’ve had the following happen to me: Had the boys fondle me Been toilet papered Tim’s junk near me (ew) Underwear and a camel puppet up in my mix Been flashed by a ‘Santa Crotch’ Needless to say, when we were showing our tentative new band manager Katie our this song during rehearsal on Monday and she said she had ideas… I cringed a bit. I have no idea what I am in for, so […]

Imminent Performance in t-minus 4 days! 

Are you kids getting as excited as I am for this holiday show OR WHAT!? Knowing that it sold out in just a couple days is so insane. As a huge treat to you, our fans, we’re opening the doors at six so we can all eat dinner together. I plan on having the amazing baked cheddar tomato soup. I’ve been jonesing for it since last motha motha year, y’all.   I’m not much of a beer fan, so I’m imagining that Guinness glass is filled with bubbly diet coke goodness. Call me a blasphemer,  I don’t care. We are […]